International Transfer Students

Turn Your Credits into a Bachelor's Degree

With Herzing University, you can maximize your college credits by starting your education at a technical or community college and then finish with your bachelor’s degree from Herzing University.

Earning your associate degree in the U.S. is a great step toward a brighter future. Herzing University will help you turn those credits into a bachelor’s degree and provide you with the opportunity to earn both degrees in the United States in as little as four years.

Further Your American Education

Herzing University has partnered with a number of technical and community colleges through its DEGREE UP partnership. Starting your college education at a local technical or community college to earn your associate degree, is a great start. Through your college’s partnership with Herzing University you can apply your associate degree credits toward a bachelor’s degree and even begin earning credits toward a master’s degree. You maximize your American education with either the experience of a local technical or community college and a regionally accredited university with a national presence.

Herzing University will review your college transcripts to help identify the best degree options available to you.


If you ever imagined going further with your U.S. college credits, you can.